Streamline your Quality Assurance Process

Spreadsheets are time-consuming and inefficient.

With PlayVox you can improve customer experience and satisfaction by easily identifying customer service problems, coaching and training your call center agents to quickly change bad behaviours, and motivating your team to deliver Perfect Customer Interactions.

Wether your team has 10 or 100 members, PlayVox is the perfect and scalable quality assurance software for you.

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Filter and prioritize customer service tickets according to your preferences

Integrate PlayVox with Zendesk, Salesforce, Talkdesk and other multiple customer service software.
Filter and prioritize customer service interactions according to your needs, and bring them to PlayVox to evaluate.

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Easily build and customize your QA forms

Build new QA forms in minutes. Easily transition your current quality assurance process with our friendly and flexible QA form builder.
Powered by PlayVox Quality

Make your QA process collaborative

During the QA review process give your agents real-time feedback and allow them to participate in the evaluation process with built-in collaboration and messaging.
Powered by PlayVox Quality

Put your QA process on Autopilot

Automatically assign random customer interactions for QA review and keep track of your quality analysts’ productivity.
Powered by PlayVox Quality

Generate detailed customer service analytics for your team

Generate data-driven reports to easily identify customer service problems and empower your agents to take immediate action upon this information.
Powered by PlayVox Quality

Track agent performance and measure the impact of your Quality Assurance process

Connect your customer service KPIs and relevant metrics such as NPS, CSAT AHT among many others.
Give your agents visibility on where they stand compared to other team members and empower them to improve and increase their performance
Powered by PlayVox Performance

Drive continuous agent improvement

Coach your agents to solve issues in specific service interactions; help them correct customer service problems in CSAT, CX, compliance, and behaviour.
Powered by PlayVox Coaching

Send targeted trainings to the right agents at the right time

Encourage agents to learn and refresh their knowledge with targeted content and quizzes with PlayVox's lightweight Learning Management System.
Powered by PlayVox Learning

Keep your agents engaged and motivated

Reward your agents with our online catalogue reward and gift card reward program.
Publicly recognize your agents with badges, based on their quality results and improvement.
Access and social community wall where your customer service team can exchange ideas, ask questions and share relevant information.

PlayVox's Added Value
Multiple QA tools for the entire agent life-cycle: QA, Coaching, Learning and Motivation in one centralized place.

No storage limit as PlayVox accesses information on-demand.
PlayVox offers customer success and product training for all customers.
Integrations with over 10 different leading CRM and service software.
PlayVox automates the quality assurance process without leaving behind the personal factor.
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